Cooking on…. Water! 

Finally it’s official – the GSHP is up and running.

It’s taking 5c off the water and making 50c through the church. Valliant have been at church this morning and signed it off / commissioned it.

We’ve had a little bit of overflow from the return well but not much as it’s worked overtime to get the tanks up to temperature. 

There’s some work to be done tidying up over the next few days, and next week to change the gas meter over.

All we need now is a cold snap to test it! 


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And one step back…

Having had the system inspected, it’s been decided that we need a larger GSHP for the system.  

So we’re not (yet) on green heat.

A larger heat pump is on order and we’ve been switched back to the gas boiler in the meantime.

There’s an outside chance of the exchanger arriving and being installed tomorrow but next week looking the likelier.

The good news is that the water is coming out at good volume and at a high temperature of 12.1c.

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Two steps forward…

The moment of truth.  The GSHP has been switched on and they’re running tests and making adjustments right now.

Tonight’s youth led service will be the first event in the church enjoying green heat in our carbon neutral building.  


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Race to the finish! 

Work is almost finished, clearing started today on site, just some more work to be done in the boiler room.  Everything needs to be completed by Wednesday next week when we’re due to be inspected to get the government’s certification.  

And here is our Vicar, with what he assures us is definitely not a rocket launcher(!) – it’s the water pump which by now will be located 80m below ground.


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(Bore)hole-y Water

Yesterday the water was running clear, and today the drilling rig had moved to make way for the pipes and man hole covers.   It was altogether quieter on site – much to the relief of the neighbours! 


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